My Lit class is full of dumbasses. FML

"Your name’s not James, is it?"
"Not most days."


Giveaway time! I reached a strangely large amount of followers and figured I needed to do something for this milestone so here we go.

What do you win? One item of your choosing (Anything your heart desires!) from Land of Rapture shipped to anywhere in the world.

Whilst the giveaway is on Land of Rapture is also offering 20% off everything in the store! Use code 20OFFLOR to get your discount (Minimum spend $10). Also buying an item from the store whilst the giveaway is on grants you extra entries, see below!

Rules for the giveaway (Rules are important ok no one likes a rule breaker)

  • You don’t have to be following me (I’m not going to force people) but heck you’re welcome to (and also you’d be giving a complete stranger your address and it’s a bit weird to just turn up for the free stuff???)
  • Only reblogs count. Likes do not count. I am a spoilsport. Reblog as much as you’d like just don’t annoy your friends.
  • Buying something from the store whilst the giveaway is on will grant you three (YES THREE) extra chances to win. Just make sure to enter your tumblr username in the “Notes to seller” part of your etsy checkout screen.
  • Empty sideblogs, giveaway blogs and other such sneaky ways to get involved aren’t allowed. I will check.
  • Giveaway ends on Friday 4th of July. I will contact the winner immediately. If I do not get a response by the morning of Saturday 5th of July then I will pick a new winner. Gotta go fast.
  • Must be comfortable with giving your name and address out.
  • Don’t send me messages asking when the giveaway will end and have I picked a winner yet. It will end on Friday and once I’ve had my morning coffee I will post the winner (FYI - This will be UK time!)

That’s it! Just my little way of giving something back. Good luck!

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